Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sunday, November 21, 2010

School, Work, Friends, Friends & Home Life

Wake up @ 6:45 am, make lunch, take dogs out and head to school. Finish school @ 5:00pm, go to the gym then work. Get home around 12:00 am, take dogs out, clean house, finish a few things, shower then bed @ 2:00 am. Back up the next day @ 6:45 am to repeat the EXACT SAME THING OVER AGAIN ! I'M SICK OF IT !!! 3 GOT DAMN MONTHS OF THIS ! Fridays and Saturdays I get to work late so I get home around 4:00 am. I'M TIRED ! I got 5 more months of this then I'm taking a break. A LONG BREAK !
And you know whats so funny now ?? Ever since i started hair styling school, i don't even want to work in a salon anymore. I can't deal with these people.
"no hairspray, flat iron please, rollers, no volume, all curls, just a trim, a little bob cut please" BORING STUFF ! I rather do someone Else's hair that I know or someone else who came to me personally wanting me to do their hair. Other than that, I rather do fashion shows and runway shows. BIG SEXY CRAZY EXOTIC HAIR !! Where I can get wild with their hair and do something crazy and stand out.
My friends and family barely see me anymore. The only day i really do have off is Sundays and I'm EXTRA tired and usually fall asleep if I have to be somewhere. At least my mom understands, some of my friends don't.
I need to start a portfolio or something, start taking pictures of all the work I do. I'm doing my friends hair this Wednesday's for her photo shoot. 3 different looks. I'm EXCITED about that, gives me a chance to be create and different. I'm also gonna enter the hair competitions coming up. I need a challenge...because this...just ain't working.

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