Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Aaliyah Maria...Cougars ROAAR !!

Worked day shift today @ work ... not so bad there buddaaayeee.... the daytime cougars are HAWT looking and nice =) usually they bitter old woman who are miserable with themselves :s buuuuuuut no. These ones cool like cucumbers
SO I will be coming out with a reality ONLINE TV SHOW soon ... uh ohhhhh watch out nowww oooweee !! LOL
I still can't believe my facebook got disabled .. I'm fucking bummed man. Like really ... seriously... I get it back, I think :s

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Aaliyah Maria ... Aaliyah VS Rabbit

Went and saw Tyler Perry "i can do bad all by myself" today .... I criied. 3 TIMES.

OH AND I RAN OVER A RABBIT THE OTHER DAY TOO !!! Felt that shit all up in my tires and shit. and i Screamed while running over it !!! Poor thing ... I felt so bad. I killed an innocent creature. . Fuck ... but it was me or the rabbit.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Aaliyah Maria...Eyes

I did a video today ...

See it soon, I hope you guys like it.

So I have this friend, and she has no privacy. Her dude's friends all hate her (I think it's cuz she's white) and they make up lies and stories about her to her dude. He doesn't believe them. But it still bothers her. She's ready to give up, and go and live a "normal" life. I think her dude, or her herself needs to say something to his friends and confront them. Or else they gonna keep talking smack. She says she don't outta respect for her dude. This has been going on for Months.

What would You do ??


Saturday, September 26, 2009

I went to the TRINA party last night... she came for 20 mins and bounced.
There's a reason for everything. I don't know WHY she came @ 2:00 am and stayed for less then 30 mins. But what i do know is that %90 of the time when stuff like that happens, it's usually the PROMOTER'S FAULT. Not the artist.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Aaliyah Maria ... BIG BOOBIES

MY BOOBS GREW !!!! I'M NOT JOKING !!!! Like the implants wasn't enouf hmm ?? Like over night dude. Ppl at work are like "ummm....your boobies are GINORMOUS" I'm like "Well ummm....ahhh....ummm....." I don't know what happened, I'm turning into a woman. LOLLLL

There's a certain Person in my life right now that I want to cut off. Due to the fact that I feel that person is not progressive enouf and is not accomplishing anything for themselves. I am not your mother. I feel as if they are just "there" and useless. Does that make me a bad person ?? I can't surround myself with ppl that are un-progressive. In order to do anything in life, you need funds. Go out and get it. Stop loafting, it's un attractive and annoying.

Am I a bad person to feel that way ??? I'm sorry tho, I can't help it.
I will never slow down for no one. Why should I ??

P.S = I had another episode with my weight today, freaked out.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Photography By: DREWHARAN.COM

Aaliyah Maria...Pussy Cat Dolls

Woke up in a CRAP mood today, sun came out, felt better =)
I do not like ppl that say they are going to commit to something and don't. Promise's are Meant to be broken, but word is bond. WHY THE BOMBACLATTTT (LOL) would u give your word on something and NOT follow throu ???? Just be REAL and tell me you can't, I would respect you more if you were Real and Honest from the start.
A bunch of new chicks ROLLLLED up into my work today, I swear they get shipped here on a school bus. There's all these new 18 yr old chicks getting into the game and SWEAR they know what's good... they all look like the Pussy Cat Dolls or Britney Spears. Some of em real cool and down to earth, but most of em just EURGHHH I don't wanna get into it cuz I will *barf* and I won't shut up. Am I old ??? Shit...I look back and see these young things and think "GOT DAMN I'M OLD" 5 years in this industry, it starts to take a toll on ya.
Do you believe in Gaurdian Angels ?? I do... =) I believe in good karma and bad karma, and I believe in Miracles as well. I do believe in The Power of Prayer and The Power of the Human Mind.
P.S = work was poo today

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Aaliyah Maria...Weight

I'm having serious issue's with my weight latley. I feel too big for Toronto, and too Small for down south. I can't win, no matter what I do. It's really bothering me, because that's all I think about now.

The Industry is fucking hard on females. I hate feeling like this. You get critizied and judged so much to be perfect. Makes me wanna barf.

I'm going to the gym... TTYL

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Aaliyah Maria...I KNOW, I'M LATE !!!

The other night I went out for my dude's bday O-M-F-G ... I havent had that much fun since the ENVY Party !!! we got dumb crunked, I don't even remember how the HELL I got home ?? All i remember is saying to my girl "SHUSH, Don't talk to me while I'm driving, I'm tryna concentrate here... GOSH" lol
We went to club XS to check out the venue for the ENVY Party 2 coming up, slammmmin crazy VIP, I wanted to eat it. Place looks so sexy
yesssss I got it BROHAM !!!!! LOLL boo-mother fuckin-yaaoow !!!!
what should I be for halloween ???
umm...I know this sounds gay but....I miss out west :s
I had another photoshoot the other day, and I was nervous as HELL. Didn't know how to pose, or what my face should be like or nothing. I always think i look fat or ugly. Is that wrong ?? I don't concider myself a model, Because I'm not.
Remember I said I missed my mom ??? I saw her today =) went to my grandma's place to get some more old stuff. She in a nursing home. But for some strange reason, she thinks she going back home. She doesn't wanna be there and thinks we abandon her =( what do i say to that ?? It's teaching me alotta patience. I'm just gonna keep seeing her and hope it makes her feel better. Hope she feels that I love her. I'm gonna keep praying.
It's hard to balence work, home, friends and family. I been trying to but it's hard. I get frustrated easy and then I explode and have freak outs on people. :s I dont work good under presure. And I HATE being rushed.
AYEEEE !!!! I talked to my old partner out west today !!! He's doing awesome !!!! He said he my blogs... ummm...ahem... yah ..... LOL :s
:s times 100 !!!!!!!!!! :s

Friday, September 18, 2009

Aaliyah Maria .. Whatever Dude ....

I just got back from the West Coast. I walk into work and this girl turns to me and says ... "While You were gone away you OBVIOUSLY didn't go to the gym because when you walk your theighs and ass jiggle and it shows u OBVIOUSLY didn't excersize, you didn't go to no gym"
I said .. "Yah i guess i gained weight, oh well, I'll still sell a dozen x2. Oh but just for the record, I did work out"
THEN I FOUND OUT she was drunk and going off on everybody. Said she was gonna throw shit in one girls face then chop off the other's girls tits. Whatever DUDE.
I'm extreemly paranoid about my weight, so i called my dude friend, he said I'm fine.
Nice way to get welcomed back home tho huh ???

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Aaliyah Maria...ENVY 2


I'm gonna host it with Cubana Lust and Lastarya. I'm Exciteddddd =) worldstarhiphop party.
I'm also gonna lauch OCT 18TH @ Fluid DIVA SUNDAYS is back and I'm gonna be your feature DIVA & HOST for the lauch party, also in collab with Eye Candy Feature in INDUSTRY magazine.

I'm kinda nervous :S ... BUT IM PUMPED too ... but nervous ... kinda shy :S

umm..yah its it's official I'm nervous. LOL


watch last Envy party on link:

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Aaliyah Maria...Snoop D O double G & Booger Man

Went to Circa last night for the Snoop afterparty.

FUCKING PACKED. Didnt have fun. Everyone wasn't dancing just crowding around Snoop. Dude had Bottles for days, and 1 main man he rolled with.

Fuck i didn't realize how many groupies there are, Hellooo !! I stayed in the VIP for a while then left. It was kinda gay. no one was dancing or having fun, freking gay man. Snoop was jamming more then everybody.

I didn't drink alot, had like 3 drinks. Until i got outside the club and realized GOT DAMN I'M TIPSY. Then some dude with a REALLY BIG BOOGER on his NOSE came up to me and triied to chop me and take pics. I COULDN'T STOP LAUGHING AND STARRING AT HIS NOSE. I didnt think anyone else saw until Diamond was like "HAHAH YOU HAVE A BOOGIE" LOLLLLL =D

Then I ate a Hot dog, it was so good.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Aaliyah Maria ... Why You Calling Me ??

so I was on the plane just thinking about all the people in my life ... people I meet in different countries, the present ppl in my life and the past ppl in my life. Isn't it amazing how life works ? who stay's and who goes ? what is done and said to everyone ?? Who REALLY matters ?? Who is your true friend/family.
Think about it .. Do you have at least 1 PERSON you can call up anytime and say "Dude...I'm in trouble, I need your help" Do ya ?? someone you can spill your shit too ?? And know they won't judge or report to ppl ??
Gotta call yestursday from someone, glad he called to talk. =)
My dude friend got mad at me today for some of the decitions I was making. I got sour on him and he told me he got mad cuz he cares, But still, maybe i just didn't wanna hear it.
I'm Listening to Britney spears right now... YES I SAID IT. Gosh....
Watch Naployn Dynamite and think of MOI ... GOSHHH... IDIOTS !!!
My EX called me today... WHY ?? WHY THE HELL U CALLING ME ??? I dont care !!! you my EX for a reason. I was with dude for 3 years. Lost alotta shit and gained alotta knowledge. I told this mother flupper over and over again I dont want nothing to do with you, LEAVE ME ALONE. they just don't get it ?? they dont wanna hear it or understand. Get out of my Life !! sheesh
Someone asked me the other day "Money or Love" .... MONEY. (I'm only 22) Love follows after.
Romeo and Juliette is my fave movie (the version with leonardo dicaprio)

Sunday, September 13, 2009


watching harold and kumar


Aaliyah Maria ... Be Real PLZZ

MMMKAYEEE .... I made it !!! I go home tomorrow bros n hoes !!
been out here grinding for 2 weeks. You have no mother fluppin idea of how HAPPY i am to go home.

SOOOO.... these 2 weeks what extra shit did i do ?? hmmm.... i went bungie jumping, went on roller coasters, watched a few movies, saw someone hit a deer, worked out extra hard in the gym. And grinded my ass off.

Then, in a couple weeks I'm on the road AGAIN.

YOU KNOW WHAT I'M SICK OF ?? mother flupers talking a bunch of smack. They wanna do business but when it comes time to talk money, umm....where'd ya go ?? DON'T APPROACH ME IF IT AINT ABOUT PAPER. I dont got time for your shit.

Then dudes always on TV balling like they got tons of stacks on deck but in real life ... they broke like a Joke. I'm telling you people, don't believe everything you mother flupping hear. DON'T. alotta these dudes and chicks talk alotta smack and nothing to back up their mouth. TIRED DUDE, JUST TIRED.

Be real please. If you a Librarian, Supervisour, work at a grocery store, say it. You get more respect from me if you KEEP IT REAL then if you lie like everyone else "Oh I'm a hustler, D-Boy, P.I" you think thats cool ??? you think I give a shit ? People always say that shit and have no idea what it's really like, that whole lifestyle. Just Shut up and Sit down for fucks sake.

Alotta chicks lie too. Say they Madam's and Top Notch Chicks with Benz and Condo's...blah blahh. Lil Mama... SHUT UP AND SIT DOWN. Alotta these girls spend %95 of their money on nails, hair, paying their car and condo and what they have left in pocket ?? NOT A DAMN DOLLAR. Why are you talking then ?? Balling in the clubs like they can afford it. Banana Slam you.
Alotta girls ball outta control too but live with their parents and they like 24 yrs old. WTF is that ?? Dudes too.
Get your shit together, get your mind right and your priorities straight. Before you end up 40 with 4 kids and a welfare cheque every 30 days.

You can be a Hustler, and have absolutly NOTHING to show for it. Why are you in the game then ? Why u risking your Freedom for what ? to show off ?? Alotta of em dont even make REAL money. Think their chump change is big. Kick you outta the scene is what needs to happen. Go big or go home. Win or Loose. Stop playing this Half Way Shit. It's Insulting.

Do what you need to in order to progress in Life. To achieve your goal. Don't do it because you think it's cool, BECAUSE IT'S NOT. Little boys and Little girls i swear, stop fucking everything up and get a mentor.

I'm going off because I'm sick of this shit. This fake foul play. It's gay. It's insulting to me. I don't do this to show off, I do this for the benifits it brings to me and everyone around me. Achieve bigger and better things in life. There's more to Life then Clothes, Cars, Drugs and Sex. Get your shit tight sheeeeesh.

Am I being mean today ?? Do i sound rude today ?? WELL I DONT GIVE A FUCK, KEEP IT REAL YOU LAME-O'S AND STOP FAKING THE FUNK. it's gay.

eat poo

P.S = Nova Kane texted me today, said he was reading my blogs. SHOUT OUT TO SIR NOVA KANE. Keep making Hit songs cuz you know I dance in my mirror to em =)

click below to listen to one of his songs:

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Aaliyah Maria ... Plastic Chick ???

ATTEN: BROS n HOES ... I'm gonna set the record STRAIGHT for all the ishh talkers.

1. My Boobs are fake

2. My Ass is Real (dont know why ppl think its fake, it's not BIG for fucks sake)

3. Hair, nails, tan is OBVIOUSSSLY fake.


5. I am Hungarian and Indian-Guyanese

6. My Lips WERE fake, not no more.

7. My eyes are Real

8. I Have Not done ANY Porn (should I tho ?? hmm...)

Anything else you mother flupers wanna know ? Let a Chick Breathe for fucks sake sheeesh .... BANANA SLAM YAW !!! COCONUT CRUNCH... POW !!

It's okay ... keep talking about me and my crew, because at the end of the day you focus more on MOI then u do yourself.. LAME-O'S !! Wanna drink tho ?? Cuz I still tip my Glass up at you just cuz I feel sorry for you.

And for all the other chicks out there that tryna sneak around behind My back, think a Chick won't find out... your a got damn FOOL. Been doing this way to mother flupping long to be threatened by YOU. BARF ON YOUR TOE !! I know exactly who you people are, I'll still look you dead in your face and say BONJOUR.

TO ALL MY 5 STAR CHICKS, THE GO GETTERS, THE BAD CHICKS DOIN WHAT CHA DO .......... SALUTE !!!! you get Nothing but Love and Respect from Miss. AALIYAH MARIA

Eat Poo


Friday, September 11, 2009

Aaliyah Maria ... They Know

Right now it's 11:08 am out west ... i been up for about 2 hours now. My mom called, she good. My brother graduated from College, he s a CHEF !! BOOYAOWWW !! My Uncle back from China teaching english now he doing private teaching.

Alotta girls dont tell their Family that they are Entertainers or Preformers. Scared of a reaction, dont know the outcome. Some families will even DIS OWN you. Everyone hides for their own reasons and purposes.

Alotta Females dont even tell their friends. They don't want people "talking" ish.. or to know their business. It's a personal decition they chose to make. I aint mad at cha !!

In my eyes ... people are gonna find out one way or another. Family, hmm... maybe not. But friends, people in your city will know. You can't hide money. It just shines on a go getter. Drive a nice car, wear nice clothes, have lots of jewlery and your nails and hair are always BLING BLAOWW !! These chicks r Flossin

I choose to tell my family. They know...EVERYONE KNOWS. Can't hide from it...may as well go with it right? Damnit !!! I wish ppl really knew what it was really like. Takes a certain mind frame of strength to do what we do. THINK ABOUT IT PLZZZ before judging.

Yeah of course my famaliy was upset (dont really wanna get into that) but they still love me. And I always respect my family decitions, even if it hurts me. As do they, even if it hurts them. Even if my Mom decided to dis-own me or not talk to me ... i would still try to show her i love her. But let her know i'm not mad at her decition. Thats my Mom ... =)

No one can ever stop you in Life, well un-less your in love with someone. You have to have dedication and a purpose to continue doing what you do. REMEMBER ... God don't serve you what you can't eat. Everyone in this world is NOT here by mistake. Reason, Season & Lifetime.

I got into a fight with my dude friend yesturday, he put me down hardcore and it fucking hurt. Hurt like a Bitch but it's over now. I still admire him and everything he does, even if he thinks I'm a lame. He was like my best friend, i miss him =( alot ... it's over now tho... =( can't go back in time right ?? just move forward

I'm going to the gym. TTYL


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Aaliyah Maria .. Oh For Pete's SAKE, Put A Pipe In It !! DAMNIT !!

REMEMBER ... What i said yestursday ?? About how my partner is tryna tell MOI how to train ?? OH MY FLIPPING GOSH ... I LOST IT TODAY !!! well ... not lost it BUT YOU KNOW WHAT I FUCKING MEAN PEOPLE !!

I'm in the gym on the treadmill doing the damn thing, i got my ipod locked in and he taps me and says "It's not a work out if your not sweating"

KJNSDNFSLKMFDMJSVFKLSJDFVJKFDV'.SDF'VFJKMSdvJK;HsadvJNB sdkcJSDJKnhjkvjkbJKDFNEDANHG'DLFjknhs;kjgv'JNHjn;JKBNJ;KNSFD;HBG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WWHHHAAAATTTT !!!!??????????

I Said "Excuse es moi ?? okay, just no. PFFTT" yeah.. i added the PFFTT !!
I tried to be polite mmkaye !!


I'm getting heated just talking about it... brb sheesh..


awww man brb ...

Aaliyah Maria ... Don't Tell Me How To Train !!!

So i wake up... beautiful day outside. Me and my partner are headed to the gym. We finish the Gym, and umm...i don't know who the hell told you that your FIT, but mother fluper, dont tell AN EX FAT BITCH HOW TO TRAIN !!! I Lost 45 pounds, used to be pale with jet black hair. No one, and I mean NO ONE would even look twice at a Fat Chick. I lost all my weight and trained on my own. And this Dude tryna tell me how to train in the gym ??
"oh do this, dont do this... u need to do this.." I'm like "Yah, umm..okay...yah..." I'm just tryna keep the peace people.
I KNOW WHAT IT'S LIKE TO BE FAT MMKAYE !! and ugly and feel like no one wants you, maybe that's why I'm not a shallow person because i know what it's like for a female in the industry. Omg... he's like this floppy, sloppy omg...just..plz dont try to tell me how to train in the gym. My mom was an areobics teacher and I used to play hardcore sports (till i got to junior high :s) BUT ANYWAYS ... yah ... i got love for every female. As long as you get your paper and keep focused, you got my respect no doubt.
So i find myself thinking alot about people that have come into my life. A good friend told me that people come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. And it's true. Everyone has their purpose, even if it hurts you. God never serves you what you can't eat, and I'm a firm believer in that.
I'm out west and it's slow this week so far. Well maybe it's the new city I'm in.
I'm an extreemly paranoid person, I always think I'm never gonna make it in life. I always panic when I dont make money. But LIKE I SAID ... people come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. This one person that came into my life humbled me with my paranoya. And this new person that's in my life has humbled me and grounded me even more.
I used to be broke, like mad crazy homeless broke (yes... i know) and I always found a way to get by, found a way to survive another night. Since i came into the game 5 years ago, all i know now is how to hustle and grind. I forgot where I came from and what it used to be life, I'm now remembering and becoming even wiser to my life decitions.
I'm thinking about taking up yoga, LOLLL. IM SERIOUS !! Get flexable and shit, do some circus moves in the club and all. HAHA Breakinn - it - downnn yoga stylee !! HIYA !!
i watched opra today and almost criied, she's the poo. I wish someone would walk up to me and give me like $500,00.. no no wait, even like $10,000. and walk away, that would be the happiest day of my life, i would prolly cry too. then go to the bank =)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Aaliyah Maria .. New City & Not Feeling Good

I'm in a brand new city with my partner. We bunking together and i REALLY didnt want to, need my space... but right now i have such a MIRGRAIN that i dont even care.
3 hours to get here. The Internet keeps shutting on and off and it's stuffy in here. I'm home sick. Usually I'm fine travelling by myself but this time it's a fucking nightmare.
My girl called me today and said "My Friend thinks your ass is fake" i was like "OMGG....did u tell her its real ?? " yup she did =) My ass aint even that big, its normal. Why ppl think its fake, beats me ?? maybe they just hating, dont know why cuz my BumBum aint nothing speacial.
OMGGG AND I FORGOT TO SAY OMGG.... remember i said the internet keeps going on and off ?? Kay i called the front desk and told the chinese woman and she was like "UMM...EXCUSE ME I DEAL WITH IT LATER OKAY I HAVE TO GO BACK TO WORK OKAY, EXCUSE ME OKAY ?? WE JUST DEAL WITH IT IN MORNING OKAY.. ROOM 210 OKAY THANK YOU" <----- Rudeness !!! i fucking pay for your hotel and this is how u treat me ?? Fuck outta here woman ! Thats why i hate the country bumpkin places, they fucking dont know nothing !! SLAP EVERYONE IN THEIR FACE !!
Do i complain alot ? My good dude friend told me i did, does that just make me spoiled ? i dont think I'm spoiled, I work hard for everything i got and accomplished.
and my trip to San Francisco got cancelled. I forgot i had to be somewhere on the 29th, 1st and 3rd ... and if i miss em I'm in Serious trouble FUCKKKK... I was supposed to go with my girl and now she gonna prolly think im lying or something BUT IM TELLING THE TRUTH !!!
even if i tried to lie, im a really bad liar...'ll KNOW when im lying. Whats the point anyways ? I dont have TIME to lie .... i needa normal life. goshhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Monday, September 7, 2009

Aaliyah Maria vs The Deer

So I'm on the road, driving along with my partner working. I'm falling asleep and my partner is on his phone and we got the laptops busted out in the car, cell phones, GPS all our shit. OUTTA NO WHERE A SONOFABITCH DEER RUNS INFRONT OF THE CAR INFRONT OF US... The car infront of us HITS THE DEER and everything goes FLYING IN THE AIR !!! My partner screams "Whoa Whooa Whooaa Holy Shit !! ..... That was Amazing" I'm like "WTFFFFF....LMAOOO"
the car and the deer both went flying into air and i couldnt stop laughing cuz my partner was tramatized, He breaked and swerved like a mother flucker, his face and arms went all stiff LOLL
I met this dude today, and all he wanted to do was become a Porn star. He thought Sex was the greatest thing on earth and all he wants to do is Hump 5 Star Chicks all day, ummm .... yah rigggght.
I'm seriously home sick. I never usually get like this.. but got damn this time I am. I missed my girls bday, they all went camping and I missed it. Cuz I'm fucking working. I miss everything... birthdays, parties, BBQ's... scared my friends gonna forget about me cuz I'm never around. Can't have a normal relatioship with a dude, cuz I dont got no time. I got no Life basaclly. All i do is work and grind. Been all over North America getting paid, but I miss everything important.
It makes me depressed knowing I miss everything. I barely see my family, and my Mom... she lives 2 mins away from me and i haven't seen her in weeks, I miss her the most. Miss my best friend Diamond, thats my grinder, my all nighter ride or fly chick. She always gets mad at me cuz I always up and leave to different cities and countries to work, I only give everybody like a week notice. CUZ I know what they gonna say "You always do this, stop traveling so much, I'm scared for you, stop disappearing, blah blahhh"
I'm 22 years old, and i seen more things and been more places then most 40 year old's. I feel like I'm 40. It's hard to stop working, I think I'm addicted to work... no... it's more the $$ I'm addicted to. It's just so fucking hard to stop.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

AALIYAH MARIA and CUBANA LUST in Toronto, Canada !!!

Aaliyah Maria ... YEA WHITE BOYS !!! Gypsy Anyone?

Meet a dude tonight, he told me hw was a Gypsy. I was like "ahhh...sure, mmkaye ??"
He told me that a Gypsy is a Person who travels and lives everywhere, work, shit, eat, Fucks everywhere. They gotta home, but they never there. I was like "DUDE ....I'm a Gypsy, no doubt!!"

No joke, i spend more time on the road, then I do at home. Is that wrong ?? If i know theres $$$ out there, Ima go and get it. It's like some these bitchs LIKE being stuck in their broke misery. Why? Cuz u Comfortable? Your dude said so? Scared something gonna happen? Bitch i take risks every mother flucking day to get mine, Fuck outta here with the petty shit. Guess I just move to fast for em.

AYE ---> also met my Dream White Boy Tonight !! Oil digging, contruction working, sexy face, hardcore fit body. dirt bike riding mother fluckin White Boy ..... mmm... he was a Country Bumpkin for sure. Was My type of Freaky TOO !! He 23 yrs old. Got Damn .... Perfect, my Idel =) ..... Too bad he a trick tho, cudda had something there BUDDAAAYEEE.

8:08 am, goin to nap then back on it xox

Saturday, September 5, 2009

My FIRST Huge Party I ever had. My BDay party in 2008 was so big we released a DVD of it and sold em across Toronto, Canada.


check out the Preview Clip for this DVD on my YouTube page.

click link:

Out West .... Country Bumpkin

I'm in Alberta, Canada peoples. Bored outta my CORNPOP !!! @ Exotica tryna get it INN out west.

ummm..... they throw LOONIES and TOONIES. Someone's Eye is gonna come out !! Whip a Loonie at moi ?? Raining quaters ?? WTF ?? Dude ... they have poster's and the men tryna Toonie Toss it into the cupped poster betwen her poontang. HELL to the N.O mother flucker

Toonies & Loonies ... what the Hell is my profit ? Like $7 ???? $15 on a Friday?? Bullshit dude, but AYE... Alberta gets a Thumbs up, they aint cheap. The Girls down here are Glamous tho, like Fergie looking LiL MaMa's.

MISS TORONTO !!!! Be back in a week

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YAWWW !!! xox ..... mmm .... craving some vanilla swirl

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