Friday, November 13, 2009

Aaliyah Maria ... Old Friends

I'm gonna call up my old time friends from wayyyyyy back in the day.

They call me from time to time and I'm always busy and stuff ... they were the ones that was there for me throu thick and thin. Seen it ALL, well since I been in the game they seen it.

I only have 1 friend from high school I still keep in touch with.

Funny how ppl come and go hmm ? Just fade away ... and it dont effect your life at all. Because you just dont care.

I know ppl see me around, on the street and stuff, I dont give a damn. Just keep it movin. Try to be my friend now ?? Where was ya when I was down and out ?? When this chick called you up ?? you got ghost ... so GET GHOST.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Aaliyah Maria ... Believe

As I type this , there are ppl that act like my friends and they aint. And they REALLY think I'm stupid. They always put me down...

I know there's certain ppl that dont even believe in me, but I do....

Aaliyah Maria Hosts ... DIVA SUNDAYS !!! FOOTAGE !!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Aaliyah Maria...OMG I'm soooo Sickk

Dudes .. I am Super Duper Extra Sick. My hotel room is stuffy and I cant stop sneezing and my nose wont stop running. I NEVER get sick.

I refuse to take meds cuz I want my immune system to build.

I am debating weather to go home or not, because I feel like Poooo !!! But I'm a grinder so f*ck it, I'll stay.

Eurghhh.... Got Damn, I'm sick. This is not cool, esspcially while I'm traveling.

Oh pop stain, I gotta call my Mom Back.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Aaliyah Maria vs The 40 Cal

Aaliyah Maria ... Sick

I'm traveling right now .. it's not GOING AS I FLUPPIN PLANNED !!! I'M SICK ON TOP OF THAT !! Sore throat, runny nose, ears plugged,sneezing. I DONT want to take any meds because I want my immune system to build. I'm drinking tons of water to try and flush it out, but I'm PEEING EVERY GOT DAMN MINUTE !!

This is bullshit, sick while I'm away on travel. I don't care, sick or not sick, I'm still gonna get mines. It's kinda slow out here for some reason, last time it wasn't. I'll stick it out. Have no choice. Well, unless it's really slow, then I'm gonna say FUCK IT. And Dip.

Stand by Please @ airport. MMMKAYEE !!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Aaliyah Maria...Chicken WANGSS

SO I ORDERED CHICKEN WANGSS TODAY .. bad idea. My stomach is feelin it now ... *barf-a-rama*

and my phone rang at 5:30 am and the mother flupper hung up. Now I can't go back to sleep.

I'm gonna work out extra hard in the morning to make up for these chicken WANGS ... aint no THANGG... LOL

Missin home already :o MaMa

OHHHHH I added new pix to myspace/AALIYAHMARIA

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Aaliyah Maria ... FAKE PROFILES

I dont know WHY ppl hate on me, I dont do anything bad to anyone or put anyone down. I just do me and keep it movin. I believe if you a 5 STAR CHICK, a TOP NOTCH CHICK, you dont Ever put someone down or down grade. You always try to help and enflict positive energy and motivation into their life, even if they haing on you. Dont hate back, thats not how a 5 STAR rolls.

A real Boss Chick MAKES IT HAPPEN. Dont care what anyone says about her, because she knows where she going and where she's at already. Her presence, strength and determination is too powerful for put downs.


Monday, November 2, 2009

Aaliyah Maria...TOUR TIME

Had a flight @ 8:45 am to alberta, landed @ 1:00 pm, had a connecting flight @ 1:30 pm. The connecting flight was delayed. Boarded 2:oo pm. Landed @ 3:00 pm. Drove to a city in Saskachewan @ 5:00 pm. Got to my city @ 11:00 pm.

Another tour, another city next week. AGAIN.

I'm super duper tired, had a baby crying on the second flight here, time change by like 3 hours. And the time ALREADY changed in Toronto the day before I left. I was Starvin like Marvin. I think some dude had a serious cold on the plane, his nose wouldn't stop Blowing !!! GOSH

At least I had fun with my family and friends before I left. Sleept 2 hours on 1st flight. 3 weeks I'm touring around, then back to Toronto on NOV 24.

Aaliyah Maria ... 12:16 am

As I am typing this right now, it's 12:16 am out west in canada. I am on the phone with a certain big internet company rep. who is trying to rip me and my business partners off.
No no... the rep is on the phone trying to swindle us (I'm on mute) One of the partners I work with is HANDELING THE BUSINESS ... get em BRAAHH.
Ppl will rip you off, don't let them. But you gotta pay to play. Be fair tho.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Aaliyah Maria ... HALLOWEEN

I Hosted a Party @ MANSION LOFT with TALK OF T.O & TEAM OFFENSE... Party was FRUITY TOOTIE STUPID CRAZZZZY !!!! I handed out mixtapes (both volumes) free Shots for everyone, made it RAIN from the DJ/MC Booth, interviewed everyone I met on camera, party was PUMPPPPIN !!!

UNTIL..... some dude, came up to me (while I just finished my thing on the floor, after 2 am) and snatched my bottle from my lap... We'll leave it at that.