Monday, March 1, 2010

Status: DENIED

I was booked for MARCH 1 : Miami. MARCH 2 - 3 : Atlanta.
went to Pearson Airport to Depart ... GOT DENIED !!!!!
Long Story ... but GOT DENIED.
Had a photoshoot in Miami, then a Video and Photoshoot in Atlanta.
The hotels were booked, the make-up artist, stylist, locations, everything. CANCELLED. because the fucking US Customs. i BEEN crossing why they decide to hold me up now ?
i had a video & photoshoot with a brand new website launching in atlanta. and Miami i was shooting with a very well known photographer that has JUST launched his brand new magazine
everything happens for a reason tho. i was held at the airport for 5 FREAKIN HOURS BROHAM!!
it's cool... i aint trippin, well... i already yelled at everyone so i'm good now LOL
My booking agent and got the most shit end yelling from me LOL


  1. thats what you get for takin the wrap for ya pimp baby!!!

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