Thursday, April 29, 2010


a few ppl or "someone" have been reporting my videos on Youtube. 3 video's in the last 4 weeks have been torn down by reports made. Also ppl or "someone" has been trying to hack into my business gmail account.

it's okay. my youtube will be back up soon and my WEBSITE will let me post any videos i want to. that website is being re-designed as of we speak. (i dont like the layout, i'm very picky) so once it is back up in full effect then i will start to progress onto there.

some ppl have too much time on they hands. like really ..... seriously .... #COMMONSON

to sit there and try and hack into my shit ? shut down my videos ????
I gotta be doing something right. get ya shit on deck and on point if you tryna shut down other ppl. STUPID

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