Tuesday, September 21, 2010


SOOOOOO I started college a week ago and at first i SWEAR TO BUDDAH i was the QUIETEST GIRL in the class ! Now .... LOL common ... you know ... LOL
I love it. It's HARD THO !!! i already had 2 tests, 1 review and I have another one on friday. So much damn homework !! it's really hard to work and study at the same time.
I fell asleep the other night with my books in my hands.
The students and teachers are really nice. They are strict tho.
I was late 23 mins one morning, and they wanted to send me home. LIKE REALLY COMMON
They make you study and review every little thing.
I need 1500 hours in college to graduate then 2000 hours in an actually apprentis workplacement to achieve my licence.
I dont mind tho, i love it.
I dont have time for anything now. Just school and work. I'm still trying to adjust to waking up at 7:00am as apose to 10:00 am. I still can't sleep until 2-3 am. so i barely sleep because my body still trying to adjust.
Oh and I think there's a ghost in my house :s
help meeeeeeeeeeeee !!!!


  1. So proud of you Aaliyah! keep it up! Stack that paper and get your education.

  2. Good luck with school Aaliyah, ...and that whole ghost thing too...lol