Monday, November 2, 2009

Aaliyah Maria...TOUR TIME

Had a flight @ 8:45 am to alberta, landed @ 1:00 pm, had a connecting flight @ 1:30 pm. The connecting flight was delayed. Boarded 2:oo pm. Landed @ 3:00 pm. Drove to a city in Saskachewan @ 5:00 pm. Got to my city @ 11:00 pm.

Another tour, another city next week. AGAIN.

I'm super duper tired, had a baby crying on the second flight here, time change by like 3 hours. And the time ALREADY changed in Toronto the day before I left. I was Starvin like Marvin. I think some dude had a serious cold on the plane, his nose wouldn't stop Blowing !!! GOSH

At least I had fun with my family and friends before I left. Sleept 2 hours on 1st flight. 3 weeks I'm touring around, then back to Toronto on NOV 24.

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