Friday, November 6, 2009

Aaliyah Maria ... Sick

I'm traveling right now .. it's not GOING AS I FLUPPIN PLANNED !!! I'M SICK ON TOP OF THAT !! Sore throat, runny nose, ears plugged,sneezing. I DONT want to take any meds because I want my immune system to build. I'm drinking tons of water to try and flush it out, but I'm PEEING EVERY GOT DAMN MINUTE !!

This is bullshit, sick while I'm away on travel. I don't care, sick or not sick, I'm still gonna get mines. It's kinda slow out here for some reason, last time it wasn't. I'll stick it out. Have no choice. Well, unless it's really slow, then I'm gonna say FUCK IT. And Dip.

Stand by Please @ airport. MMMKAYEE !!


  1. nice photoshop skills on the left portion of your face hahaha

  2. Dude leave her alone dont have to be an ahole