Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Im gonna tell you someting about CANADIAN MEN ... They DO NOT appriciate Thick Girls. Majority of Canadian Males like SKINNY CHICKS. Its extreemly Hard for Thick girls to find work in Canada as a Preformer in the Sex Industry. Alot of Canadian Men are Very Old fashioned and like the "Run Way" Model look. I get critisized everyday for being Thick at work. Called Fat and Too Thick. I'm tired of it but what am I gonna do ?? Starve Myself like the rest of em girls ?? No No ...

And whats even MORE funny, Is that They put me down all day for being Thick BUT I was still voted in the top 5 preformance and still get my $$$ regardless.



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  3. I don't find that hard to believe, and i do believe you. A lot of Canadians originated from France and other European regions which are filled with curvaceous women. However, being proportionally thick and voluptuous women are revered as attractive in the African American community which origins exist in the more Ancient civilizations such as Africa. I will add that Queen Cleopatra of Egypt, one of the most revered females of the World, was a curvaceous Woman such as yourself. Also, a Women of color and grace.

    Aaliyah Maria, Keep doing your thing! and remember to show me some love as well.


  4. Fuck Skinny Bitchessss

  5. I'm a Canadian male. From Toronto.

    And I hate skinny girls. I LOVE thick girls... Not fat, but thick. Big hips, big ass, thick thighs.... Love it.

    You are the definition of sexy in my books, Aaliyah.

  6. Aaliyah...stay the way you are...You are soo right Canadian men cant really appreciate a Thick (regular sized) woman and love a chik resembling a 12yr old boy...explains all the sickos out there!!!!! (#justsayin)LOL

    you are GORGEOUS and work hard to keep ur body right! Stay beautiful mama!

  7. If you don't like Canadian men you can leave.

    Gt the fuck out of Canada. And pay triple for your ass implants.