Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Too Much SHHH...

OKAY I only ask one thing from ppl when Your in my life .. DONT TALK MY BUSINESS.
I dont care. Dont tell ppl nothing. Nothing Said is Nothing Heard. I'm Not tryna have backfires and he said she said bullshit. Cuz I will walk away I dont got time for hearsay questions. Tired of it. Thats why I BARELY get super duper close with anyone because ppl have big mouths, esspicially when they upset.


  1. If people talk your business when they are mad then they are DEFINATELY not your real friends...true friends will stick it out even you guys have a fall out....bitches are jus wack these days an big friggen haters...jus keep doin u mami! i respect a hark wrkin woman!