Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Aaliyah Maria ... What The ... ????

So I hosted An event at A nightclub the other day. Went in with my Camera Crew, Interviewed EVERYONE on the dance floor, gave away My New Mixtapes, gave ppl shoots. Did what I am supposed to do as my JOB as a Host... make ppl feel good and have Fun. =)

THE ENTIRE NIGHT .. THE MC ON THE MIC DIDN'T SHOUT ME OUT !!! I EVEN INTERVIED HIM ON THE VIDEO FOOTAGE !!!! He only shouted out the Other host (there was 2 of us) I'm even on the Front of the flyer for petes sake !!!

He stopped the music, appologized infront of the crowd, said my NAME WRONG 3 TIMES, passed me the mic ... AND I CALLED HIM OUT. I'm sorry... I went in with my camera crew, free mixtapes to everyone, free alcohol to everyone , interviewed everyone (including him) and this DUDE can't even say my name right, let alone SHOUT ME OUT ???!!!!! I went IN with the hosting on that party. Video, Mixtapes, Liquor...ALL FREE TO THE PPL WHO ATTENDED !!

Dis-respectful, un-professional and extreemly rude into every asspect.

thx. FOO' !!!!!

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