Sunday, October 11, 2009

Aaliyah Maria...The After AFTER party

I dont remember a NAN THING of last night. I made it rain =) I dont know how I got home, I dont know NOTHING !! All I remember was my stack FLYING !! Toronto don't know not a NAN THING about that poooooo ... :o NAN Mother Flupper NAN !!
Someone told me I got carried out the club, then I BARFED all outside and guess what ... I dont remember a NAN THING. Cubana Lust, Ms Lastarya & Team Offense had a DUMB CRAZY STUPID TOOTIE FRUITY BANGIN TIME !!!!!
I tried you guys, seriously I put my all in this party and I just pray that everyone had a slammin time. Now i gotta get ready for this next party I'm doing on the 18th. So I gotta start promoing that now. Fucking work, but it's AYE, AYE, AYE... OKAAYEE !!
ps : I dont remember anything. AND I STILL got up and went to work tonight, I blacked out =( I did my Job tho =)
check out the links for PIXX !!! :o

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