Sunday, October 4, 2009

Aaliyah Maria...Do You Ever ... ????

Do you ever regret something you said ? Something you did ?? Do you ever look back and wish you could change something ?? The way you acted in a situation ?? To a certain person ??
Do you regret your mistakes ? Actions ?? Or are you glad it happened because you learned off of them ?? Have you learned tho ?? Are you REALLY happy with your life ? Are you where you want to be right now ?? Do you regret where you are now ? Are you Content with who you are as a person and where you stand ?
Are you happy with the way your life is going right now ?? The people in your life ?? Do you regret hurting someone ?? An opportunity you missed ??? Someone who did you wrong but you were always there ? Or m aybe you did them wrong and they were there ??
God puts you exactly where you are right now for a reason. Are you HAPPY with where you are in your life now ? Do you wish you could change the past ?? Or the present ??
I regret certain things I did and said to certain people, because now ... I just lost what I took for granted.
Maybe this is what God wants, maybe I'm not supposed to be in certain people's lives. Am I a bad influence ?? :s ... I dont mean to be.


  1. shout out Shawn aka DIAMOND .. he made me LOLLL woooweee !!

  2. and shout out DJ FOLK ... he made me too. GOSH..

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  4. That's deep, I like a girl who's spritually intuned with the most high....

  5. god has somethin to do with it,but god doesnt make choices for you,you do and you must feel bad or know you said something wrong to doubt yourself if it was bad or not

  6. what brand of false lashes were u wearing in this pic.