Friday, September 11, 2009

Aaliyah Maria ... They Know

Right now it's 11:08 am out west ... i been up for about 2 hours now. My mom called, she good. My brother graduated from College, he s a CHEF !! BOOYAOWWW !! My Uncle back from China teaching english now he doing private teaching.

Alotta girls dont tell their Family that they are Entertainers or Preformers. Scared of a reaction, dont know the outcome. Some families will even DIS OWN you. Everyone hides for their own reasons and purposes.

Alotta Females dont even tell their friends. They don't want people "talking" ish.. or to know their business. It's a personal decition they chose to make. I aint mad at cha !!

In my eyes ... people are gonna find out one way or another. Family, hmm... maybe not. But friends, people in your city will know. You can't hide money. It just shines on a go getter. Drive a nice car, wear nice clothes, have lots of jewlery and your nails and hair are always BLING BLAOWW !! These chicks r Flossin

I choose to tell my family. They know...EVERYONE KNOWS. Can't hide from it...may as well go with it right? Damnit !!! I wish ppl really knew what it was really like. Takes a certain mind frame of strength to do what we do. THINK ABOUT IT PLZZZ before judging.

Yeah of course my famaliy was upset (dont really wanna get into that) but they still love me. And I always respect my family decitions, even if it hurts me. As do they, even if it hurts them. Even if my Mom decided to dis-own me or not talk to me ... i would still try to show her i love her. But let her know i'm not mad at her decition. Thats my Mom ... =)

No one can ever stop you in Life, well un-less your in love with someone. You have to have dedication and a purpose to continue doing what you do. REMEMBER ... God don't serve you what you can't eat. Everyone in this world is NOT here by mistake. Reason, Season & Lifetime.

I got into a fight with my dude friend yesturday, he put me down hardcore and it fucking hurt. Hurt like a Bitch but it's over now. I still admire him and everything he does, even if he thinks I'm a lame. He was like my best friend, i miss him =( alot ... it's over now tho... =( can't go back in time right ?? just move forward

I'm going to the gym. TTYL


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