Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Aaliyah Maria ... Why You Calling Me ??

so I was on the plane just thinking about all the people in my life ... people I meet in different countries, the present ppl in my life and the past ppl in my life. Isn't it amazing how life works ? who stay's and who goes ? what is done and said to everyone ?? Who REALLY matters ?? Who is your true friend/family.
Think about it .. Do you have at least 1 PERSON you can call up anytime and say "Dude...I'm in trouble, I need your help" Do ya ?? someone you can spill your shit too ?? And know they won't judge or report to ppl ??
Gotta call yestursday from someone, glad he called to talk. =)
My dude friend got mad at me today for some of the decitions I was making. I got sour on him and he told me he got mad cuz he cares, But still, maybe i just didn't wanna hear it.
I'm Listening to Britney spears right now... YES I SAID IT. Gosh....
Watch Naployn Dynamite and think of MOI ... GOSHHH... IDIOTS !!!
My EX called me today... WHY ?? WHY THE HELL U CALLING ME ??? I dont care !!! you my EX for a reason. I was with dude for 3 years. Lost alotta shit and gained alotta knowledge. I told this mother flupper over and over again I dont want nothing to do with you, LEAVE ME ALONE. they just don't get it ?? they dont wanna hear it or understand. Get out of my Life !! sheesh
Someone asked me the other day "Money or Love" .... MONEY. (I'm only 22) Love follows after.
Romeo and Juliette is my fave movie (the version with leonardo dicaprio)

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