Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Aaliyah Maria...Snoop D O double G & Booger Man

Went to Circa last night for the Snoop afterparty.

FUCKING PACKED. Didnt have fun. Everyone wasn't dancing just crowding around Snoop. Dude had Bottles for days, and 1 main man he rolled with.

Fuck i didn't realize how many groupies there are, Hellooo !! I stayed in the VIP for a while then left. It was kinda gay. no one was dancing or having fun, freking gay man. Snoop was jamming more then everybody.

I didn't drink alot, had like 3 drinks. Until i got outside the club and realized GOT DAMN I'M TIPSY. Then some dude with a REALLY BIG BOOGER on his NOSE came up to me and triied to chop me and take pics. I COULDN'T STOP LAUGHING AND STARRING AT HIS NOSE. I didnt think anyone else saw until Diamond was like "HAHAH YOU HAVE A BOOGIE" LOLLLLL =D

Then I ate a Hot dog, it was so good.

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