Thursday, September 24, 2009

Aaliyah Maria...Pussy Cat Dolls

Woke up in a CRAP mood today, sun came out, felt better =)
I do not like ppl that say they are going to commit to something and don't. Promise's are Meant to be broken, but word is bond. WHY THE BOMBACLATTTT (LOL) would u give your word on something and NOT follow throu ???? Just be REAL and tell me you can't, I would respect you more if you were Real and Honest from the start.
A bunch of new chicks ROLLLLED up into my work today, I swear they get shipped here on a school bus. There's all these new 18 yr old chicks getting into the game and SWEAR they know what's good... they all look like the Pussy Cat Dolls or Britney Spears. Some of em real cool and down to earth, but most of em just EURGHHH I don't wanna get into it cuz I will *barf* and I won't shut up. Am I old ??? Shit...I look back and see these young things and think "GOT DAMN I'M OLD" 5 years in this industry, it starts to take a toll on ya.
Do you believe in Gaurdian Angels ?? I do... =) I believe in good karma and bad karma, and I believe in Miracles as well. I do believe in The Power of Prayer and The Power of the Human Mind.
P.S = work was poo today

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