Sunday, September 13, 2009

Aaliyah Maria ... Be Real PLZZ

MMMKAYEEE .... I made it !!! I go home tomorrow bros n hoes !!
been out here grinding for 2 weeks. You have no mother fluppin idea of how HAPPY i am to go home.

SOOOO.... these 2 weeks what extra shit did i do ?? hmmm.... i went bungie jumping, went on roller coasters, watched a few movies, saw someone hit a deer, worked out extra hard in the gym. And grinded my ass off.

Then, in a couple weeks I'm on the road AGAIN.

YOU KNOW WHAT I'M SICK OF ?? mother flupers talking a bunch of smack. They wanna do business but when it comes time to talk money, umm....where'd ya go ?? DON'T APPROACH ME IF IT AINT ABOUT PAPER. I dont got time for your shit.

Then dudes always on TV balling like they got tons of stacks on deck but in real life ... they broke like a Joke. I'm telling you people, don't believe everything you mother flupping hear. DON'T. alotta these dudes and chicks talk alotta smack and nothing to back up their mouth. TIRED DUDE, JUST TIRED.

Be real please. If you a Librarian, Supervisour, work at a grocery store, say it. You get more respect from me if you KEEP IT REAL then if you lie like everyone else "Oh I'm a hustler, D-Boy, P.I" you think thats cool ??? you think I give a shit ? People always say that shit and have no idea what it's really like, that whole lifestyle. Just Shut up and Sit down for fucks sake.

Alotta chicks lie too. Say they Madam's and Top Notch Chicks with Benz and Condo's...blah blahh. Lil Mama... SHUT UP AND SIT DOWN. Alotta these girls spend %95 of their money on nails, hair, paying their car and condo and what they have left in pocket ?? NOT A DAMN DOLLAR. Why are you talking then ?? Balling in the clubs like they can afford it. Banana Slam you.
Alotta girls ball outta control too but live with their parents and they like 24 yrs old. WTF is that ?? Dudes too.
Get your shit together, get your mind right and your priorities straight. Before you end up 40 with 4 kids and a welfare cheque every 30 days.

You can be a Hustler, and have absolutly NOTHING to show for it. Why are you in the game then ? Why u risking your Freedom for what ? to show off ?? Alotta of em dont even make REAL money. Think their chump change is big. Kick you outta the scene is what needs to happen. Go big or go home. Win or Loose. Stop playing this Half Way Shit. It's Insulting.

Do what you need to in order to progress in Life. To achieve your goal. Don't do it because you think it's cool, BECAUSE IT'S NOT. Little boys and Little girls i swear, stop fucking everything up and get a mentor.

I'm going off because I'm sick of this shit. This fake foul play. It's gay. It's insulting to me. I don't do this to show off, I do this for the benifits it brings to me and everyone around me. Achieve bigger and better things in life. There's more to Life then Clothes, Cars, Drugs and Sex. Get your shit tight sheeeeesh.

Am I being mean today ?? Do i sound rude today ?? WELL I DONT GIVE A FUCK, KEEP IT REAL YOU LAME-O'S AND STOP FAKING THE FUNK. it's gay.

eat poo

P.S = Nova Kane texted me today, said he was reading my blogs. SHOUT OUT TO SIR NOVA KANE. Keep making Hit songs cuz you know I dance in my mirror to em =)

click below to listen to one of his songs:

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